The AJS periodically honors outstanding individuals for their exemplary accomplishments or service at a public event. The Herbert Harley Award is named after the founder of the American Judicature Society and is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions that substantially improved the administration of justice in Hawaii. Special Merit Citations recognize projects and efforts that benefit some aspect of the judicial system, including those that are narrowly focused or time specific. Other awards recognize persons or organizations that have made significant contributions toward the improvement of the administration of justice and/or inspired others to do the same. The following presents current and previous AJS honorees.


  • Ronald Moon, former Chief Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court: Herbert Harley Award
  • Colin Miwa, Esq., Cades Schutte LLP: Special Merit Citation


  • William S. Richardson, former Chief Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court: Herbert Harley Award
  • James S. Burns, former Chief Judge of the Intermediate Court of Appeals: Special Merit Citation
  • Hawaii Opportunity Probation Enforcement (Hope Probation): Special Merit Citation
  • Samuel P. King, former Senior Judge, U.S. District Court: Lifetime Distinction Award for investing his life in improving the judicial system in Hawaii and serving the Hawaii community with distinction throughout his life.


  • Larry Okinaga, Esq., Carlsmith Ball LLP: AJS Justice Award, the highest award given by AJS, in recognition of his years of dedicated leadership in judicial administration and reform.