The Autumn 2017 issue of Judicature, published by the Duke Law Center for Judicial studies, includes a timely article entitled “The State of the Judiciary.”  In the article, a panel of Duke law faculty and alumni judges, joined by Duke Law School Dean David F. Levi, discussed questions of judicial independence, the balance of powers, judicial selection methods and other issues. The following authors contributed to the article:

  • Professor H. Jefferson Powell – Examines the state of the judiciary from the point of view of an executive branch lawyer and provides insights into the functioning of the courts.
  • Judge Carolyn Kuhl – Among other issues, discusses the institutional threat posed when law enforcement officials conduct dragnet-type operations within state courthouses.
  • Judge Don Willet – Reviews state election and selection processes for judges, noting that the “perfect system” has yet to be implemented.
  • Professor Ernest Young – Discusses whether the harsh criticism of the courts and individual judges from the two political branches is unusual, bad for the court system, and a result of the judges themselves.

To view the complete article on the Judicature website, click here.